Inauguration of India Pavilion in Domotex, 2020 Germany


Live Demonstration of Carpet weaving and GI Pavilion is great attraction.  

Domotex International Trade Fair, Hannover (Germany) from 10-13 January, 2020.

India Pavilion is inaugurated on 10th January, 2020 by Shri Vijoy Kumar Singh, Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India in the presence of Shri Madan Lal Raigar, Consulate General of India, Hamburg (Germany), Shri Sibin C, Director Industrieses

Council organized the participation of its 116 Member-Exporters in the world’s largest Exhibition of Floor coverings the Domotex International Trade Fair at Hannover.

Council also arranged the live demonstration of the different processes Carpet weaving in the theme pavilion of carpets i.e. the Charka for spinning of Yarn, Charkha for realing of yarn, 3 looms for showing different type of carpet weaving from Bhadohi, Jaipur, Srinagar on knotted and tufted loom.

The main attraction of the theme pavilion is the weaving of portrait of Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on tufted loom frame.

Council set up the theme pavilion not only to create the awareness about the different processes of carpet weaving but also to show the strength of India Handmade Carpet Industry to cater to the demand of the end consumer according to their taste, need and requirement. India’s unique capability in adapting to any type of design, colour, quality & size as per the specifications of the carpet buyers. Indian Handmade Carpet Industry uses diverse Raw-materials from various parts of India i.e. wool, silk, manmade fibre, jute, cotton and various blends of different yarns. Industry is having immense potential for growth both in production and Exports. Industry is environment friendly and does not use scarce & perishable energy resources.

For the first time Council also set up a GI (Geographical Indication) Pavilion to create awareness about the GI registered carpets, durries, wall hanging ( 6 products of India) which has presented by Dr. Rajnikant, Padmashree and GI Expert in front of all the delegates and share about the importance of GI with various steps and benefits across the world mainly to the original producers.

Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC and COA Members present mentioned that although the Deutsche Mess has allotted space to the Council in the back yard i.e. in Hall No. 9 from Hall No. 3 (last year) but is hopeful that uniqueness of the Indian Handmade Carpets, Durries and other floor covering will create an example again to see the beauty of Human skill to the International Buyers and again the Indian Handmade Carpet Industry will new height in the India Pavilion through Carpet Export Promotion Council.

Shri Sibin C, Director Industries, Government of Punjab, Shri Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman, CEPC, Shri Umesh Kumar Gupta, Shri Bodh Raj Malhotra, Shri Feroze Waziri, Shri Shree Ram Maurya, Members of Committee of Administration, CEPC, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, CEPC, Dr. Rajnikant, Padmashree Awardee, Expert on GI, President and Vice President of Deutsche Messe, Officials of HCSSC, HEPC, EPCH, National Jute Board, Participants and buyers.

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