Domotex -2020 Carpet Design Awards: Nominees


Carpet Design Awards: Nominees 2020 Finalists go into the next to last round

The Carpet Design Awards are highly regarded within the international carpet industry and form the centerpiece of the presentation of modern, hand-made carpets and rugs at DOMOTEX. The design of three exporters of India has also been selected in it. Best Modern Design Superior  Choudhary Exports jaipur , Jaipur Rugs Company jaipur , Art Palace Export bhadohi 

Category 1: Best Studio Artist Design –

Original small scale production design from an artist or designer


Manufacturer: Floor_Story
Based on an original ceramic, this rug brings the artist’s unmistakable style and sense of joy to life through painterly colour layups, fill scribbles and graphic lines. The bold, cartoonish look is enhanced by the unconventional and carefully delineated shape.

The Inverted Reality

Manufacturer: Borderline Studio
Isometric drawings of mega cities inspired this rug in which the two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional through an ingenious use of facets and perspective. Various looping and piling techniques enliven the surface and create a visual play with volume.

Inigo Flow

Manufacturer: Michelle Mohr 
Created in a technique inspired by macramé, this carpet can be viewed from both sides. The front and back showcase two different structures, allowing for two looks in one rug. The yarn is key to the design and is manufactured in a special way that is resource saving.

Category 2:Best Mo dern Design Superior

Original contemporary designs showing optimum use of materials

Full Moon

Exhibitor: Kirkit Rugs
This monochrome rug harnessing the magic of the full moon is designed by a winner of the prestigious Istanbul Young Designers’ Contest. The manufacturing process upcycles used textiles; old hemp flatweaves and goat hair nomadic tents are unravelled and the fibres treated and reused to produce this sophisticated and eco-friendly carpet.

Dark Moon

Exhibitor: Kirkit Rugs
Inspired by the moon and moonlight, this rug is designed by a winner of the prestigious Istanbul Young Designers’ Contest. The manufacturing process upcycles used textiles; old hemp flatweaves and goat hair nomadic tents are unravelled and the fibres treated and reused to produce this elegant and eco-friendly carpet.


Exhibitor: Choudhary Exports
Shibuya is an interpretation of the bustling neighbourhood in Tokyo of the same name. The vibrant splashes of colour capture the neon lights as well as the uplifting qualities of the Japanese capital, which are sure to be transferred to whichever space the carpet is placed. Hand-shearing lends beautiful depth to the rug.


Exhibitor: Jaipur Rugs Company
This rug reflects the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jaipur, particularly the intricate designs gracing the subterranean architecture of the city’s step-wells. Differing pile heights accentuate the delicate tracery of the ornamentation, giving the floor covering a beautiful sense of depth.


Exhibitor: Art Palace Export
This design in wool and silk is inspired by a three-dimensional rock pattern, which has been flattened into an intriguing faceted image with an effect not unlike broken glass. The Tibetan wool used for this carpet is hand-carded and hand-spun, and vegetable dyeing technology is to thank for the multitude of subtle grey tones.

Category 3: Best Modern Design Deluxe

Original contemporary designs showing optimum use of materials


Exhibitor: Wool & Silk 
When one looks closer, one discovers that this seemingly consistent design is in fact alive with irregularity. Lines of different thicknesses break up the grid, and areas of shading and pops of colour are also added to the mix. A special dye process is used to generate a variety of hues from a single colour.

The Diamond

Exhibitor: Theo Keller 
Shaped like a diamond, this rug is jewellery for the floor. Tibetan wool and pure silk give The Diamond the lustre one would expect, and the fine knotting brings out the intricacies of the design. The wool and silk are dyed in small batches according to a time-honoured method.

EasyMe No. 01, Original

Exhibitor: RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns
EasyMe No. 01 is the result of a collaboration with a Portland-based architect and artist and demonstrates his understanding of how painterly imagery can guide movement in an interior. The title of the rug belies the work that has gone into the design—you can only break the rules when you have mastered them.


Exhibitor: Jaipur Rugs Comany 
Haphazard elements settle side by side to form a coherent story in this rug. Strati belongs to the Aakar collection; Aakar means shape in Hindi and encapsulates the idea of putting various forms in distinctive colours together to construct a rug where the sum is greater than its parts.


Exhibitor: Wool and Silk
This dynamic design is an interpretation of a photograph of the sky taken at a very slow shutter speed. Made with hand spun wool and silk, the subtle sheen achieved adds another dimension to draw you into the vortex-like composition that appears like a limitless galaxy.

Category 4: Best Transitional Design

A new rug that interprets traditional designs for a contemporary audience


Exhibitor: Wool and Silk
This rug represents a marriage of old and new. The composition draws on the beauty of Ottoman silk kaftans—their sumptuousness and sheer elegance. The updated palette combines vibrant and sombre tones and subtle design interventions make for a variegated surface that seduces the eye.

Wild Pomegranate

Exhibitor: Wool and Silk
Soothing without being plain, this rug’s pattern can be traced back to vintage textiles. Hand-dyed and hand-spun Ghazni wool from local sheep heighten the delicate gradations present in the design, which is hand-knotted in Afghanistan.

New Tribal No. 09, Original

Exhibitor: Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns
At first glance, NewTribal No. 09, Original may appear to be a wholly traditional rug, but soon asymmetrical and quirky elements manifest themselves. The mix of 80% natural dyes and 20% chrome dyes gives the rug a playful character, with bright petals standing out from the rich wine-coloured ground.


Exhibitor: Lila Valadan
This unique wool and silk one-of-a-kind artwork perfectly fuses the design of classical Tabriz rugs and an artistic interpretation of Rostam’s Seven Labours from the epic 12th century poem Shahnameh. This piece features 100% organic wool and silk and 100% natural dyes to create a rug at one with nature.

Mir New Chapter

Exhibitor: Theo Keller
Mir New Chapter breathes new life into the classic Persian Mir-e-Boteh field design through an exciting new and hyper contemporary colourway. A special structure featuring embossing makes the colours pop in this rug hand-knotted in bamboo silk.


Category 5: Best Flatweave Design

Original rug design demonstrating the flatweave technique

Purple Abrash

Exhibitor: Kirkit Rugs
Inspired by the galaxy and the night sky and designed by a winner of the prestigious Istanbul Young Designers’ Contest, this kilim plays with variegated shades obtained via the abrash technique achieved during the dyeing process.

After Navajo via Bauhaus Baneh

Exhibitor: Zollanvari International
Resonating multiculturalism, this kilim looks west to Navajo weaving from the Four Corners region of the USA. It is heavily influenced by the work of Josef Albers and the Bauhaus movement, while the design details are from Persian Ghashghai’ traditions.

Sixth Sense

Exhibitor: Lila Valadan 
Almost forgotten weaving techniques have been reinterpreted from old artefacts. Man’s soul searching begins with the realisation that the world is an illusion created by the five senses and beyond is a subconscious level of awareness.


Exhibitor: Art India
Energetic colours bridge the widening gap between our real surroundings and the virtual world in this design. The multi-textural quality and hand-beaten finish elevates the rug’s tactility and encourages the appreciation and conservation of nature.

Eye Dazzler Baneh

Exhibitor: Zollanvari International
Uniting the artistic creativity of tribal people from two continents, the brilliance of Saltillo serapes woven by the Navajo in northern Mexico is reinterpreted by weavers in the Fars region of south-central Iran. The rug is woven in four strips from naturally-dyed highland wool from the Zagros Mountains.

Category 6: Best Collection

Contemporary Traditional or Transitional design collections demonstrating a common theme

Moon Collection

Exhibitor: Kirkit Rugs
Inspired by the moon and its light, this collection is designed by a winner of the prestigious Istanbul Young Designers’ Contest. It upcycles old hemp flatweaves and nomads’ tents made of goat hair. Their fibres are unravelled, treated and rewoven.

Gashgha’i meets Bauhaus Collection

Exhibitor: Zollanvari International 
Analogies can be drawn between this collection’s geometric abstract patterns in vivid, naturally-dyed Gashgha’i colours and the Bauhaus movement, particularly the work of Josef Albers. It is an investigation into human perception of colour, the most fascinating of art’s formal elements.

Jaipur Wunderkammer Collection

Exhibitor: Jaipur Rugs Company
An Italian designer has been inspired by the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jaipur, Rajasthan to create a graphic collection that represents a phantasmagorical vision of India and highlights the mystifying charm of the Pink City.

EasyMe Collection

Exhibitor: Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns 
A collaboration with Michael Howells, this is an outstanding debut rug collection with the Portland-based artist whose contemporary patterns work so well in interiors. The collection is woven using Persian knots in sandblast wool, or wool and silk.

Rhythm Collection

Exhibitor: Wool & Silk 
The artist’s love of music inspired this collection in which he created the mood of different genres using colour, form and movement. As a trained classical guitarist, his understanding of rhythm and tempo has been translated into designs that evoke the joyous urge to dance.

Category 7: Best Interior

A high-end customisation project or rug installation demonstrated with high quality images

Home Dana

Exhibitor: Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns 
Rugs from India and Afghanistan are displayed in a newly renovated 1970s apartment with low ceilings on the 36th floor in Millennium Park, Downtown Chicago. The designer was aiming for ‘emancipated eclecticism’ which is echoed in the rug selection.


Exhibitor: Wool and Silk
The conflicting and complimentary patterns revealed in the peeling layers of a vintage wall have inspired this ethereal design which harmonises cool and warm tones, contemporary and traditional elements, and marries the Art Deco and Classical elements of the furnishing theme.

Mount Fuji on Explosion

Exhibitor: Luz Mendez
Inspired by Fuji-san, this rug recalls Japan’s tallest peak—an active volcano and one of the country’s three sacred mountains. It adorns the floor of the Japanese Residence on the other side of the globe in Santiago de Chile.

Category 8: Best Modern Design Select

Original contemporary designs showing optimum use of material


Exhibitor: Deidre Dyson
This delicate, detailed design is inspired by the form of the pinions or flight feathers at the periphery of a bird’s wing. The dark navy ground is punctuated with flashes of turquoise and beige silk and the fine lines are accentuated by a dense knot count and low pile height.


Exhibitor: Knots Rugs
Part of a collection entitled Your Floor is the Canvas, this rug uses 44 colours and is the result of a collaboration between a design company and a museum. Layer upon layer of imagery adapted from the museum archives mix Gothic, Classical and Pop aesthetics to unique effect.

Feathers Round

Exhibitor: cc-tapis
The designer’s long-held affinity with birds—and historic illustrations by the renowned ornithologists John James Audubon and John Gould—have informed the design of this rug. A varying pile height adds a sense of depth and emphasises the shape of individual feathers.


Jury Carpet Design Awards Jury

Who wins the Carpet Design Awards? The Carpet Design Awards, the world’s top international accolade for contemporary hand-made carpets and rugs, has a same jury lineup for DOMOTEX 2020.

An international jury chaired by Graham Head, Vice Chairman of the leading home retailer and interior trendsetter “ABC Carpet & Home” in New York City, will select three carpets in eight categories from each of the submitted applications, which combine design, quality and craftsmanship to a particularly high degree.

The judging criteria are design and design concept, material, finish, structure and quality as well as sustainability and branding. The 24 finalist carpets will be staged during DOMOTEX in Hall 3. From these entries, the jury will then select one winner per category in January.

Members of the Jury 2020

Chairman of the jury: Graham Head
Graham Head is Vice Chairman of top home furnishing retailer and interior trendsetter ABC Carpet & Home in New York City. His love affair with rugs began at John Lewis in London, and he held positions at OCM and Pande Cameron before joining ABC Carpet & Home. His experience and extensive knowledge of handmade carpet production and retail have made him one of the best-known and well-respected figures in the industry.

Photo: Maurizio Marcato

Nuala Goodman
Originally from Dublin, artist Nuala Goodman has lived in Milan since she joined the studio of Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass in 1984. She has also worked with avant-garde companies such as Alessi, Swatch and Moroso, galleries Nilufar and Rossana Orlandi, and with auction house Artemest.

In the fashion world, she has collaborated with names such as Pellini, Paul Smith, Fiorucci, Corso Como and textile companies such as Miroglio. She is the Professor of Design Methodology and Textiles at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and her work is represented in the permanent collection of the Fortuny Museum in Venice and the Office of Public Works in Ireland, as well as in numerous private collections.

Photo: Roos Soetekouw

Roos Soetekouw
Roos Soetekouw is a designer who works from her studio in Zaandam. Roos has a great love for nature and it’s unusual shapes and colors. Her works show an explosion of discoveries.

Each design is a result of a personal journey, a discovery in form, color, technique and material. Her research is mostly expressed in textile designs or interior accessories.

Her love for textiles goes deep, the warmth and protection provided by textiles is in line with the world Roos wants to create.

“There were a lot of really nice designs. Making a selection was really hard, but there were some gems that really stood out.”

Roos Soetekouw

Martyn White
Launched in 2014, Martyn White Designs  showcases the very best in luxury design, interiors and art. Working with the world’s most prestigious and exciting brands, the website explores the very definition of luxury and the impact that it has on the design world. An avid lover of all things opulent, Martyn White has the experience and understanding in many aspects of the luxury sector. With an academic background in interior design and the desire to inspire, the website and blog have been used to exhibit a diverse range of style in a variety of mediums for design lovers around the globe.

Stefan Amstad
Stefan Amstad began his career as a home decorating consultant at Möbel Pfister AG and quickly discovered his passion for handmade carpets. This was followed by assignments as head of the carpet department in the Basel branch and subsequently as senior buyer. Today, as Category Manager, he is responsible for purchasing carpets for the Möbel Pfister AG.

“There were many entries this year and I liked many of them. I was happy to see a great variety of design, with Bauhaus and Art Deco being key influences.”

Design, quality and craftsmanship Now for the 15th time, the Carpet Design Awards at DOMOTEX will highlight the superior quality and outstanding design of the finest hand-made carpets and rugs. A jury of international experts, chaired by Graham Head, Vice Chairman of ABC Carpet & Home in New York City, will select the winners of these world-renowned awards in eight categories. The selection criteria are exceptional design, top quality and skilled craftsmanship.

An imaginative journey into Persian culture

The eponymous label created by German/Persian designer Lila Valadan is a striking mix of traditional and contemporary. Each of her rugs is a remarkable unique piece inspired by exceptional nomadic craftsmanship. As the creative mind behind the company Naziri, Lila Valadan has been a major name in the carpet world for many years and has won numerous awards in design competitions. The design of her rugs, which are appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, is noble and elegant, modern and yet timeless. Lila Valadan offers a new take on old designs without denying their roots. This results in beautiful hand-made pieces such as the collections in The Four Seasons exhibition. Thanks to their high quality and design standards, they create a feeling of well-being and will be showcased at DOMOTEX 2020 in the form of a captivating presentation.


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