Enhancing the region’s carpet industry

The first edition of the Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo will take place from October 1 to 4 at Hall 5 of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).
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The Arab Carpet Expo aims to serve as a base to bring global industry specialists and businessmen onto one regional platform to showcase some of the finest solutions in the floor cover trade
The first edition of the Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo will take place from October 1 to 4 at Hall 5 of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The exhibition will have over 40 exhibitors from 14 countries from all parts of the world and the MENA region showcasing their innovations, solutions, products and experience.
There are a number of unique elements to the show including the presence of international, regional and local leaders in the carpet and flooring industry, all under the same roof, ‘Materia’, the ‘World Carpet Portrait Gallery’ and the ‘International Green Carpet and Flooring Conference’, which all will contribute to making this a great start for the MENA region’s exclusive carpet and flooring event.
Materia is a leading global network in the field of innovative materials, and based on its success and reputation in the industry, has been invited by ExCo Media Ltd to present a selection of 100 materials at the Arab Carpet & Flooring Expo in Abu Dhabi. Future materials for soft floor coverings are the highlights of a new exhibition curated by Materia in Abu Dhabi.
Between October 1 and 4, Materia will host this exhibition for the Arab Carpet and Flooring Expo. Besides Jeroen van Oostveen, Materia’s CEO, Els Zijlstra, its Founder and Creative Director, will also be a speaker at the International Green Carpet and Flooring Conference. The materials being exhibited as well as the conference itself have been designed for maximum inspiration for all professional visitors expected to attend.
The exhibition at Arab Carpet & Flooring Expo aims to focus on the most advanced and inspiring materials suitable for all kinds of soft flooring applications. Whether dealing with the most important trends in current design, such as sustainable building, or the aspects of health and hygiene within a space, soft flooring materials have a significant contribution to make.
The materials on display range from beautiful, high-tech to simple ones in a new application or new production. All of the materials are from Materia’s growing collection of innovative materials for the design and building communities.
Soft floors offer excellent acoustic properties, are cosy, and typically used in residential settings, offices, hotels and other spaces where a homely, soft and luxurious atmosphere is required. Materia’s exhibition at the fair will demonstrate special fibre carpets, tiles made of used leather, carpets made of cactus fibre, as well as bio-based, recycled and renewable materials, to name a few.
Materia believes its visitors at the Expo will be inspired by the materials being showcased, and could prove to be an ideal option for one’s next flooring project.
ExCo Media Ltd invites retailers from around the world to showcase their innovative products.
For the very first time, a carpet exhibition will host a ‘World Carpet Portrait Gallery’ to introduce the finest and most sought-after handmade carpet portraits to local, regional and international VIPs, high-profile buyers, interior designers, architects, retailers and business professionals. This will be done through an ambient atmosphere in an art gallery setting.
Carpet portraits are a unique piece of art, which is still unfamiliar to many in the region. This is an opportunity for the best handmade carpet portrait designers and makers to exhibit their finest pieces to local, regional and international high-profile designers, who are looking for unique ways of designing home interiors, and want to purchase a piece of art that will stay for generations. For sellers, it is an excellent opportunity to differentiate themselves from other retailers in their geography.
If the World Carpet Portrait Gallery is well received by carpet portrait makers and designers, the organisers plan to dedicate an entire section for it in the future Arab Carpet Expo editions, so that visitors have more access to the finest quality available.
Carpet and flooring waste is a significant problem in the MENA region. Each year millions of metric tonnes of construction, residential, industrial/manufacturing, commercial, education, healthcare, retail and event industry carpet and flooring waste is taken to landfill all over the region. The first edition of the ‘International Green Carpet and Flooring Conference’ addresses this significant machine-made environmental problem by holding an international scale event for the very first time in the MENA region and connecting all key individuals and organisations together on a single platform.
The vision of the conference is to have a MENA region where 100 per cent of all carpet and flooring waste is diverted from landfills through well-established local and regional recycling facilities, associations, technologies and processes. This means zero landfills in a region.
The mission is to make Abu Dhabi and the UAE a hub for the start of this initiative and the centre of excellence through which the International Green Carpet and Flooring Conference, leaders and believers in the world meet to discuss, collaborate, integrate, plan and enable solutions every year.

The conference has a special focus on introduction, education, collaboration and networking. This allows all key local, regional and international individuals and organisations to know exactly what the issues are and discuss how they can be resolved now and in the future.

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