Covid -Two American carpet importers will help set up an oxygen plant in Bhadohi

Two carpet importers of America have helped 40 thousand dollars for Bhadohi Oxygen Plant in Bhadohi. With the efforts of carpet exporter Rupesh Barnwal, the importer has given this support, has handed over the exporter to Rupesh Barnwal DM. District Collector Aryka Akhori had called for cooperation from exporters for setting up oxygen plant. On which the entrepreneurs gave 10 exporters an amount of 37 lakhs, the American importer has helped for the dwindling 30 lakh rupees.
Exporters plan to set up an oxygen plant for 50 beds in the district with this amount donated by a total of 37 lakh carpet exporters.
Significantly, due to sudden increase in corona infection in the last few days, there was a shortage of oxygen for the treatment of serious patients. In view of this situation, the carpet exporters decided that there should be an oxygen plant in Bhadohi district so that if the risk of corona infection increases further in future, then no needy person should die due to lack of oxygen.

District Collector Aryka Akhauri also held a meeting with carpet exporters a few days ago. In which he requested carpet exporters to come forward. Carpet exporters have since started donating funds. Regarding this, District Deputy Commissioner of Industry Harendra Kumar said that there is a plan to set up an oxygen plant for 50 beds in the district. It will cost up to about 65 lakhs. With this, 10 carpet exporters have so far donated an amount of 37 lakhs. For the amount sold, an importer has helped, they have given 40 thousand dollars, about 30 lakh rupees.

Surya Carpet, OBT Bhadohi, Kaka Overseas, Rupesh Carpet, Five lakhs each on behalf of Champo Carpet, Tulsiram Gaya Prasad Pvt. Lee Four lakhs, Bhadohi carpet three lakhs, Agni carpets and Khanna carpets two lakhs, Ravi Patodia has given an amount of one and a half lakhs.

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