The initiative of Hamar Bhadohi will be rejuvenation of Gandhi Chowk, Campaign started from Gandhi Jayanti


On the initiative of Hamar Bhadohi, Thukral Capital Market TCM and Wellness Physio will rejuvenate Gandhi Chowk,
Campaign started from Gandhi Jayanti.
By adopting Gandhi Chowk, the institution will beautify.
District Magistrate Bhadohi Smt. Aryaka Akhouri, while encouraging her, promised all kinds of cooperation.

Bhadohi elite citizens and institutions have taken initiative for the beautification of Gandhi Chowk located at Indira Mill Square of Bhadohi. For a long time the condition of this intersection and Gandhi Chowk is very bad, the people coming to Bhadohi do not have a good experience. Now this intersection will be rejuvenated, its District Magistrate Mrs. Aryaka Akhouri has given her consent for this work and has increased enthusiasm, after the permission of the District Magistrate, work has been started on it from today.
It was launched today on the occasion of 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti.
At the initiative of Hamara Bhadohi, Thukral Capital Markets and Wellness Physio will turn it around. Addressing the function organized at Gandhi Chowk today, Ashok Thukral said that for a long time no one has noticed this intersection, due to which the condition of Gandhi Chowk has worsened. Come today, help is being taken from engineers and architects in planning it, it will be made a model intersection, it has been started with cleanliness, today it is necessary to give good environment to Bhadohi.
Sanjay Srivastava, convener of Hamar Bhadohi said that after a lot of effort, the effort of our Bhadohi in getting the status of Town of Excellence was successful, but now efforts will be made to improve the city Bhadohi by beautifying this intersection of entry in Bhadohi, in which the District Magistrate has given permission. Giving assurance of giving all kind of support, Dr. Shailesh Pathak, Director of Wellness Physio in the program said that good environment of good health facility should also be available. Those entering Bhadohi should also look good.
Bida’s engineer Nandlal Yadav, Maharashtra Bank Manager, Rohit Shivhare, understanding servant Aarti Singh, Avinis Singh, physiotherapist Ritu, Mukesh, Sandesh and many others were present in the program.

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