Tehran – Carpet Museum draws 6,500 foreign travelers in 9 month

TEHRAN – Some 6,500 overseas tourists toured Carpet Museum of Iran over the first nine month of the current
Iranian calendar year, which started on March 21.

It drew over 4,000 domestic museumgoers during the cited period as well, the museum director Parisa Beyzaei told IRNA on Wednesday.

Covering an area of 3,400 square meters, the museum boasts a treasure trove of some 2,000 Persian carpets that date from the Safavid era onwards. It also puts on display a rich patchwork of rare and centuries-old rugs, kilims and tableau rugs.

Back in November, the museum was inscribed on the National Heritage List. It can be found at the northwest of Laleh Park in the heart of Tehran.courtesy by tehran times 
Carpet Museum draws 6,500 foreign travelers in 9 monthThe number of foreign visits to the museum was about 4,000 in the same period last year, she added.

Carpet Museum of Iran puts spotlight on handwoven Baluchi products

The exhibit, which also embraces kilims and rugs along with variety of indigenous spreads and saddlebags, runs through Mar. 5, Mehr news agency reported on Sunday.
Baluchi rugs are usually all wool, but their material may also include goat and camel hair, cotton for whites, and in some cases a few knots of silk. The knotting is customarily asymmetrical.
Patterns of such carpets are highly varied, many consisting of repeated motifs, diagonally arranged across the field. Some present a maze of intricate latch-hooked forms.
Covering an area of 3400 square meters, the Carpet Museum of Iran is located on the northwest of Laleh Park in the heart of Tehran.

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