Iran’s Machine-Made Carpet Exports Are Worth $300 Million


The machine carpet sector has a 300 million dollar export capacity this year, according to the deputy minister of general industries at the Ministry of Mining, Industry, and Trade.

On the fringes of the 14th Tehran International Machine-Made Carpet Exhibition, Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Baradaran granted an exclusive interview to the reporter of Kohan Textile Journal magazine. In it, he stated: “Iran’s machine-made carpet industry has advanced and developed as evidenced by the rise in its unit count, which has reached about 1200 in recent years”.

He continued, “We expect that with this increase, in addition to addressing domestic demands, greater focus will be made on exports.” He alluded to the machine-made carpet sector’s development of one million square meters last year.

We are working to boost this number, and we project it will reach $300 million this year. The export value of machine carpets was $250 million last year.

In a four-year strategy for this industry, which we will accomplish, one billion dollar horizons have been envisaged in light of the manufacturing capability of Iran’s machine-made carpet collection for export.

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