Indian Handmade Carpets will replace Chinese carpets as the opportunities -Siddnath singh

New delhi India has benefited from the US-China trade war by exporting more items to China. India’s exports to China post the trade war have grown much faster than that to the US.
& China ;Looking at the products on which China and USA have imposed tariffs on each other, India has made modest gains in capturing such market," The textile imports, particularly, of the US has shifted from China towards other countries.
During Interactive sessions on Emerging opportunity to enlarge India’s export to USA and China at Ashoka Hotel New Delhi on 31st July 2019.Sh. Siddh Nath Singh, Chairman of India’s Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC) says that the Indian Handmade Carpets will replace Chinese carpets as the opportunities are arising for India from the ongoing Trade war between USA and China. Both the countries have imposed higher tariffs which are helping India to boost exports to USA and China.
Singh says, in order to boost the exports as well as to cope up with changing fashion frequently, we need to focus on followings points

Warehouse In the present changing scenario due to growing e-commerce market it will help us while boosting the exports. Therefore we require the necessary support so that we can start warehousing of Indian handmade carpets other floor coverings. This will help exporters penetrate in the both the Markets and buyers which will result to eliminate the middle-men from the industry. It will not only increase their price but also reduce the price for the ultimate consumer.

Branding Focus on Branding Initiatives through Social media promotion and digital marketing initiatives with adequate budgetary provisions to educate and showcase the fine craft of handmade carpets with the artisan at the core of the campaign. This will generate interest in the young adults and generation next for the fine art of handmade carpet weaving.

Marketing Support should be extended for the Buyers from Developed Countries which has been recently withdrawn.

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