DOMOTEX-Hand-made works of art in eight categories

The Competition for outstanding design in hand-made carpets and rugs

ThCarpet Design Awards are the centrepiece of the handmade rug halls in Domotex. Changes made last year mean that the CDA are, a decade after their launch, now placed at the heart of the modern carpet industry. At DOMOTEX 2016 the CDA will again be presented by Innovations@DOMOTEX in partnership with HALI + COVER, uniting the two concepts to emphasise the overall focus on original design at the world’s leading rug event.
Carpet Design Awards, DOMOTEX“What makes the Carpet Design Awards so special is the enormous variety of designs and production techniques that are on display at DOMOTEX.”

Why should you enter the CDA?

  • Categories that emphasise the CDA’s focus on original design, quality and innovation
  • The shortlisted entries are shown in the prominent specially designed CDA display area which is the central feature of Hall 17
  • Exclusive entry to DOMOTEX Hannover exhibitors. Non-exhibitors can only enter the Best Studio Artist Design category
  • Entry is free of charge!
  • The winners of the CDA have included all of the leading rug companies in the world
  • The new online entry process gives exhibitors complete control over the way in which they present and describe their designs and allows for the use of additional supporting material
  • Worldwide press coverage for your business
  • Final Deadline for your entries: November 3rd, 2015

Take part for free in just a few clicks

As a registered DOMOTEX exhibitor, you can take part in Carpet Design Awards completely free of charge! This is a great opportunity to raise your profile and boost your success at the fair, and it only takes a few clicks. Registration is easy via our online ordering service, OBS. All you need to register is:
  • your OBS login
  • detailed product descriptions in English and/ or German
  • contact details for the person at your company to handle inquiries
  • 2 product photos
That’s it, and you’ll be on board! You can register up till 3 November 2015. Any questions or concerns? We’ll be happy to hear from you!
You can use the OBS login you received along with your stand confirmation letter. After logging in, click “Services” –> “Highlighting your company (ECMS) –> “Company and Product Information” –> “Open ECMS” (without Pop up-Blocker) and you will be taken directly to the Exhibitor Content Management System (ECMS). There you can enter your product innovations.

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