DOMOTEX-Exhibition grounds Germany


463,285 square meters of covered indoor space, 58,000 square meters of open-air space, 24 halls and pavilions: that will give you an idea of just how big the home base of Deutsche Messe is – it’s the biggest Exhibition Center in the world.

 exhibition center in Hannover is a true quick-change artist. From investment goods trade fairs to political party conventions and consumer exhibitions, from captivating concerts to exclusive corporate events – we do it all. Even so, we always take care to preserve the unique flavor of every event.
How? Very simply: By investing in ongoing modernization and expansion of our exhibition center in line with our customers’ requirements.
One benefit of this: The exhibition center in Hannover, with its 24 halls, can be divided up into four separate sites, allowing four mid-sized events to take place simultaneously – each with their own entrances, visitor navigation systems and shuttle services, without the slightest overlap. This and our strategic location in Europe, at a major crossroads in northern Germany, gives us – and you – a decisive competitive edge!

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