DOMOTEX 2017 Carpet Design AwardsModern handmade Carpets

Chosrau’s Spring Reloaded

Best Studio Artist Design: Atelier für Textildesign Beate von Harten. The legendary Spring Carpet was created according to a vision of the Persian ruler Chosrau I in the 6th century. Beate von Harten’s poetic re-interpretation of it is hand-knotted, using precious natural materials such as silk, pearls and jewels.


Best Studio Artist Design: Dena Lawrence from “Firesun”. The knotted compositions of artist and art therapist Dena Lawrence, made of pure silk, have a lively, luxurious look. Her flowing, spontaneous style of painting is transferred effectively to the medium of the carpet. Wrap is suitable for both modern and traditionally designed rooms.

                                                Vlisco recycled
Best Studio Artist Design: Simone Post. These circular carpets by Simone Post are made from pure cotton, material left over in the Dutch textile factory Vlisco. Their shape refers to the enormous rolls of cloth in factory halls. Every recycled piece is visually unique, with a one-off design.

Best Modern Design Superior: Mariantonia Urru. Harmonious colour combinations and a varied surface structure make Threads an out-of-the-ordinary carpet. The process of re-using threads is playfully and impressively implemented in the design.
 Dresden Brown

Best Modern Design Superior: Rug Dresden Brown is an elegant carpet, reminiscent of Art Deco designs. Its densely tufted pile of viscose and wool lends it a touch of luxury. The brown and beige threads are shaped into a kind of textile relief in two different pile heights.
Super Moon

Best Modern Design Superior: Sterling Rugs). Knotted in India by a master carpet-maker, Super Moon shows the moon in all its splendour. The rug is made from the finest silk and shimmering New Zealand wool with varying knot density and utilises environmentally friendly production methods, which is intended as a sign of peace.


Best Modern Design Deluxe: Choudhary Exports In dripstone caves, minerals grow up from the ground or hang down from the roof. This natural phenomenon is the inspiration for Stalagmite. Woven from hand-spun silk and wool and one hundred percent recycleable, the carpet has been awarded the GoodWeave label.

Best Modern Design Deluxe: Wool and Silk . A colourful landscape with subtle shading: in Summit, hand-spun wool and silk are treated in a special dyeing process so that several different shades are generated from one colour. The carpet has received the Step label for fair trade and sustainability.

Rapture 4 – The Kundan Pure Silk Collection

Best Modern Design Deluxe: Zollanvari . The newest of eight contemporary designs in this award-winning collection is called Rapture 4. The carpet is manufactured from organic silk and over-dyed with diaphanous colours. This process creates a unique, shimmering texture in several dimensions.

Alasht Collection

Best Classical Modern Collection: Edelgrund . An impressive, minimalist collection named after the village of Alasht in northern Iran. The high-quality kilims are woven in the traditional way by inhabitants of the village from hand-spun wool that has previously been dyed using locally produced vegetable dyes.


Best Flatweave Design: Rug Art . Ambitious design that fits 20th-century modernity: Alhambra is surprising for its irregular geometry, lively colours and striking contrasts. The contemporary look of the flatweave and its artisan production complement each other to form an elegant whole.


Best Classical Modern Design: Rug Art . Fading splendour with discreet restraint: decaying buildings and crumbling stucco ornamentation are the sources of inspiration for Allure. Gentle gradations of colour underline the charm of this magnificent knotted carpet made from pure Chinese silk.


Best Classical Modern Design: Ariana Rugs . The charm of Barchi lies in its distinctive dynamic design. The carpets are knotted by hand in Afghanistan in various dimensions from naturally dyed wool. The modern style of the collection lends a harmonious, warm tone to all kinds of rooms.

 Dalga Kilims Collection

Best Classical Modern Collection: Kirkit . Lively and fresh colours: Anatolian kilims with natural colour transitions are the models for this three-part collection. The pieces go well together, and their design plays with simple outlines and rhythms of colour—in a tone-in-tone look or as a powerful contrast.

 Kamal from Artisan Originals

Best Classical Design: Jaipur Rugs . Warm colours and interesting asymmetry characterise this collection, which is made using techniques of the traditional Persian art of hand-knotting. The artists use the carpet surface like a canvas to represent their own life story.

 Marrakesh Collection

Best Classical Modern Collection: Art Resources . The authentic character of the Marrakesh Collection is achieved by using wool from Afghanistan that is hand-spun and coloured with vegetable dyes. These carpets give warmth to a modern interior and lend a fresh, contemporary look to traditional rooms.


Best Classical Design: Indigo Looms . In Holy Scriptures of the Gujarati culture of north India, the Nandi cows are described as a sign of prosperity. This carpet depicts a particularly colourful group and provides a magical interpretation of a symbol that is important in Hinduism.
Pattern Mix Collection
Best Modern Collection: Galleria Battilossi . The Pattern Mix Collection was inspired by hand-printed textile designs. The concept is based on small-scale graphic patterns that are combined to make abstract collages from varied, sketch-like textile designs


 Scandinavian Flatweave 2

Best Flatweave Design: R & K . This flatweave represents a fresh and appealing mix. Threads of wool and other materials of varying thickness are processed in changing techniques. This leads to an interesting texture that matches the design line in Scandinavian style.

  Shiraz Sabz

Best Classical Modern Design: Hossein Rezvani . Strong reds and browns, as well as large medallions, are typical features of Persian carpets from the city of Shiraz. This remarkable example brings classical design to a contemporary audience without losing sight of its cultural roots by applying a ‘worn’ look to a traditional pattern.


Best Flatweave Design: Art Resources . A sophisticated combination of a woven carpet and the art of knotting: under the influence of Afghan hand-weaving techniques and traditional patterns from Baluchistan and Morocco, an original design has been created. The lively colour combinations match extremely diverse styles of furnishing.

 The Winter Series

Best Modern Collection: Tissage . The cool yet harmonious colour palette of the four seasons inspired this series. The abstract motifs of the carpets with their soft rendering of lines are reminiscent of trees and branches that sway gently in a calm winter landscape.

 Unstring by Kavi

Best Modern Collection: Jaipur Rugs . Threads, knots and human interaction with the materials are the focus of the collection. Traditional methods of Persian hand-knotting enliven the contemporary design and emphasise the fascinating colour combinations of the carpets

Vase Green

Best Classical Design: Ayka Design . Vase Green combines modern colouration with traditional means of manufacture, and reflects the secret of timeless design. The artistic details of the complex pattern possess a three-dimensional texture and are partly overlapping.

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