Air compressor explodes with a loud explosion in carpet company, one killed and two injured


Bhadohi August 23 At about 06:30 today on Friday evening, an air tank exploded in the city of Fattupur in Kotwali area of ​​Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh in which a carpet weaver’s rash blew. At the same time, two other carpet weavers are said to be injured. The explosion was so fast that the roof of the company also blew up. According to the information found in this regard, Eastern Home Industries carpet weaving company is near Fattupur Riyaan village located on Suriyawan Marg in Kotwali area. Where a large number of carpet weavers work. Today at around 06:30 on Friday evening, there was a sharp explosion in the rear of the company. According to the carpet weavers, more than three dozen laborers worked there. Where the steam tank flew with a loud bang. Where a weaver’s rag flew. The explosion was so tremendous that the carpet ceiling of the carpet company blew up. In which Majhar’s son Riyaz (22 years), resident of Jamunipur Athagawan of Kotwali area died on the spot, and two workers were injured. Two hours after the accident, the company operators informed the police. Police reached the spot have started further action.

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