Jaipur Rugs celebrates 40 years of craftsmanship, community and change, at Domotex, 2018

12January 2017:  Jaipur Rugs makes its way to Germany for 10th year in a row, returning to the prestigious interior design convention, DOMOTEX. In an event featuring over 1,400 exhibitors from across 61 countries, Jaipur Rugs celebrates its 40 years of hand-knotted heritage by showcasing the Taani; the warps that form the foundation of each of their rugs.

Offering a first-hand look at some of the designs in their soon-to-be-launched collection, Jaipur Rugs, takes a new approach to its age-old mission of bringing rural craftsmanship to the global stage. Created to blur the barriers between urban design attitudes and the charming simplicity of village life, the new collection carries a myriad of colors and inspirations.

Mr. Yogesh Chaudhary, Director, Jaipur Rugs, said, “In our decade-long association, Domotex has always given us an ideal platform to showcase our newest designs and educating industry leaders about our processes, allowing us to make an even stronger impression with the international audience. This year, we thought there was no better way to celebrate our 40 years of existence, than by visiting the very foundation of our rugs and piquing the crowd’s curiosity about an often-unseen, unrecognized craft, the Taani, or warp-making and mounting.”


With the #TaaniKahani campaign, Jaipur Rugs tells the story of how symbolic the warps of their carpets are to the foundation of their business. In their 40 years of existence, how a taani is created and mounted hasn’t changed, giving insight into the consistency of their processes and the constancy of their values. Showcasing four Warp Warrior stories of taani makers and mounters, Jaipur Rugs adds a much-needed human element to what’s seen as a mechanized, insignificant craft.

About Jaipur Rugs:

Jaipur Rugs is the story of thousands of empowered weavers.

Integrating current designs with the sustenance of our communities, Jaipur Rugs brings weaver’s art directly to homes and delivers not just a carpet but the blessings of a family. Jaipur Rugs offers a curated line-up of contemporary to transitional and eclectic carpets handmade in rural India.

Jaipur Rugs works with close to 40,000 artisans in 600 villages in India, providing families with sustainable livelihood at their door steps. Each of our rug passes through 180 hands, perfecting the timeless art of handmade rugs.  We continue to work with over 2500 women yarn spinners from Bikaner to spin yarn on a rudimentary ‘charkha’, consciously choosing not to replace hundreds of hand-spinning jobs with machines.


Our designs are grounded with the understanding of living spaces and intelligent functionality. A Jaipur Rugs consumer not only owns a piece of art that they can walk on, but also get connected with the emotions of the weavers imbued in each knot. Every rug brings to the cities the stories of its weaver and binds the lives at the grassroots with urban consumers.


  1. Name: Kumhalaana

Product Description: Our Kumhalaana collection is one of few that takes its inspiration from rural life. This particular group of rugs symbolizes the beauty in decay, that the most routine and overlooked parts of our lives can showcase the most charm. Aging in and of itself is an imperfect art and to portray it is the challenge this collection takes on. In rural areas, superficial blemishes go hand-in-hand with a home’s age, but they’re not removed, they’re enhanced, patched over just enough to remain presentable – there’s both a simplicity and complexity to it. This collection places a microscope right over both.


Design: The main inspirations of this rug design are the built-in niches often present in rural homes and the walls that surround them. The water marks, erosion, and other blemishes that appear over time played an accent role in terms of colors and textures.

Sustainability: Through financial empowerment, proper training, and a constantly available support system, Jaipur Rugs ensures that the sustainability of hand-knotting is kept alive for both present individuals and generations to come.

  1. Name: Jharokha

Product Description: In one of our collections focusing on rural life, we examine the native-to-India architectural feature known as the Jharokha. Its importance as the namesake of this collection is overshadowed by its symbolism, both as an object and an idea. As an object, it’s a feature of classic Rajasthani construction providing ventilation and privacy. As an idea, the jhar


okha represents the duality of the outsider and the caged. An outsider looking in, sees an ornate design and a glimpse of wealth, but the insider o

r the caged, is only able to see the outside world but unable to fully experience it.

Design: This collection’s design u

ses the orna

te carved patterns found on the old archways and jharokhas of Rajasthan. The colors hark back to the rural theme with rust reds, mint greens, sumac violets, and indigo blues.


Sustainability: Through financial empowerment, proper training, and a constantly available support system, Jaipur Rugs ensures that the sustainability of hand-knotting is kept alive for both present individuals and generations to come.

  1. Name: Kadava

Product Description: Another rural life collection, Kadava takes a look at one of the most rudimentary elements in village life. The Gujarati word, Kadava, is translated to mud in English and it’s an abundant resource used for traditional construction. Mud by itself is nothing special, however, when hand-sculpted and heated, and mixed with the ever-useful gobar (dung), its capacity as a medium for both architecture and art becomes exponential. As a building tool, it’s strong and temperate, keeping the home cool. As art, the mixture can turn into a natural plaster, moldable into th

e personal tastes of its artisan.

Design: This rug collection used the meticulously sculpted but aging, wind-swept outer mud walls that


were photographed in villages, specifically in Gujarat. The simple wave designs when mixed with natural tones led to an extraterrestrial surface motif.

Sustainability: Through financial empowerment, proper training, and a constantly available support system, Jaipur Rugs ensures that the sustainability of hand-knotting is kept alive for both present individuals and generations to come.


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